Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2016

Kendal Mountain Film Festival is an amazing 'get together' of outdoor people from all part of the UK. The Saturday 'MTB' night is growing fast and is also headline sponsored by Santa Cruz so we get involved most years and its fantastic to catch up with everyone there. 

This year was no exception. With another 100 ticked being added last muinet and there were still 150 people on the waiting list!

Saturday see's the Santa Cruz guys and riders all meet up and go for a ride, this year was no exception however the recent wintery weather was going to make things interesting for sure! 

However we did find some amazing winter riding on the way down after a tough walk up! Don't let winter stop you adventuring! 

Image 15-2

Sat night saw some great films and talks, star of the show was Danny's dad for sure on stage telling us all about the wee boy! Danny, Steve Pete and Myartin Ashton rounded up a fantastic night of talks and films. 

Sunday is the Julian demo day and ride hosted by Bike Treks and after a slow start, some people got in from town at 4am! We all set off round the 

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