Jo's Bespoke Jumps & Drops Course 06.06.13

Jo contacted us after searching the web for a suitable course, she wanted to improve her riding as she spends a lot of her time in Austria at Leogang bike park. So after looking at our website she booked onto a Bespoke Jumps and Drops Course.


We started of with the core skills for doing jumps and drops and worked up from there. Jo had never done any drop offs before but picked up the skills very fast. I used video analysis with the iPad to enhance her understanding of what she was doing in real time as she road.

Jo coaches Skiing and has also competed at a high level skiing for British team. So we talked about the transferrable techniques. After at lunch we went through the demos and then headed back out. 

Durning the course when I was getting Jo to progress her skills I talked about the physiology techniques that are key for good riding: commitment, concentration, control and confidence.

Great day was had with lots of smiles from Jo as she was getting lots of air and felt really confident with her new found skills.


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