Jon & Tom's Adventure! 

Lara got in touch with us wanting to get her partner a sills session for his birthday so we arranged for a voucher for him and also arranged a bespoke skills session for him and his mate Jon. Both the guys ride quite a bit and they were both keen to get more confident int eh air and also just ride smother and with a bit more 'flow' so we put a full day session together for them.

After an initial brief it was out on the bikes to see how they were riding and to look at introducing some new skills like pumping, manuals, bunny hops and also look at their braking skills.

We also spent quite a bit of time looking at different ways of riding drops, skills which alot of riders get wrong from the start. We made sure they were not pulling up on the bike but driving it off the drop and we looked at different skills to use with different speeds too.

The day was finished off with a good session on the jumps, the guys learned the right place to 'pump' and how to gavin confidence and develop their jumping skills progressively.

Had a really great day with the guys and they left exited about continuing their riding development! 

Ally & Bob 

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