Jackie gets moving!

Jackie got in touch with us wanting to develop her skills further with a bespoke session focusing on drop offs. We put together a session at Afan Lodge for her and after having a quick chat to her and establishing what she wanted to get out of the session we got out on the bikes. 

First up we got her moving about the bike a bit more and focusing on keeping her weight over the BB as well as developing her pumping and manuals too.

Then we looked at different ways to ride drop using our training box so that she could 'explore' these new skills in a really friendly environment. Using the i pad for instant feedback Jackie was able to see what she was actually doing on the runs and so we were able to move the session along quite quickly and fit a lot in to the half day.

 Once she was feeling confident we moved on to the drops on the trail sections and she was soon pushing down, manualing and riding off the drops with ease!

We also did a bit of cornering to polish up that area of her riding too. Jackie started the day with a few weak area in her riding but ended up looking really confident and was developing some good skills in a short space of time. Soon enough it was time to end the session and pop in to Afan Lodge for lunch and to review some of the video footage again as well as looking at some demos too. Had a great morning with Jackie and she now has plenty to take away and develop in her own time. Hope to see her out on the trails again soon!


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