Introducing Peter to DH 'Skills' at Foel Gasnach

Day 2 of 2 coaching Peter, 

Peter had just joined the Foel Gasnach Club and doesn't live far from the club ran site so we decided to head over on his 2nd day with us so that he could get a good look at the tracks and get some coaching on them so he know how to say safe but could also get the most out of them too. 

First up we sessioned track 3 then jumped onto the bottom of track 4 but missing out the new BIG finish. Then with a bit of Uplift from Jen (cheers!) we went had a good look at lots of different line choices.

We sessioned sections looking at the different line choices and how to use different skills from day 1 to deal with the features in each section and also analysed why we would take certain lines and the skills we would use to ride them.    

Great day with Peter getting some real nice lines on track 2 over the roots, and developing his confidence plus yet again the sun came out, wicked!


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