Improving Dave's MTB Skills 08.11.12


Dave contact us after riding up at Coed Llandegla, his mate had seen the van and looked us up on internet and thought we were 'just the ticket'. He wanted to develop his skills further as he's just got into mountain biking and found it lots of fun, he found he could follow his mates down the red routes but he wanted to have more confidence when keep up with them on the more technical bits. So Dave came over from Conwy for a day of skills with me. 


We went over the key skills, using video analysing along the way so that Dave could see what he was actually doing. I took him through the ready position, cone of movement, efficient breaking, pumping, flowing through corners and then manualing before lunch. We looked at the videos in more detail over lunch and then we headed into the wood's to get on the trails, looking at rocky sections, soaking up trail features and practising the new skills he'd developed on real bits of trail and also getting him to push his comfort level all in an controlled environment. 


Had a really great day with him and looking forward to hearing how his skills develop once it all developed in top his instinctiveDefiantly riding.


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