Group Bespoke Skills Course 12.07.13

Tim got in contact with us as he and his 3 friends he normal rides with wanted to up their skills and have a check that what they are doing was right.

Tim, Dave, Trudie and Steve have been riding for a long time now and are local to the area so ride all the natural trails and also the classic trail centre's around the area, as well as XC riders they also ride road bikes and race.

So they all decided to do a Jumps and Drops course with a bit of cornering thrown into it as well. So we started with the core skills and made sure they had everything dialled before pushing there skills to the next levels.

We also looked at the psychological elements that are really key to riding and progressing: Commitment, Confidence, Control and Concentration.

At lunch more suncream was applied and we went through the video's and demos clips and looked at there riding in detail. 


We then headed out to the trails again to put into practise what they had learnt in the morning.

Great day was had they achieved lots and more.


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