Getting Tom confident in the air 27.5.14

Tom came on a Core Skills course with us a few weeks ago and he wanted to continue his development with a ‘bespoke’ Jumps & Drops course with us. He rides more natural style trails rather than trail centre stuff as he writes off-road guides for MTB magazines.

After a quick brief and discussion on some key ‘aims’ for the day we got out on the bikes and had a quick re cap of some of the core skills from the previous session.

After looking at his riding position we ran through pumping and manuals before moving on to drops with him.

We also used the ipad for direct real time feedback Tom could see what he was actually doing to make minor changes to his body position and footwork with great results.

We also had a great session on the ‘jumps’ with Tom developing his pumping, soaking up and also getting some airtime too! We could see his confidence develop as he practiced each skill and started to apply them to the jumps.

We finished off the session looking at some more drops with steeper landing's and Tom really understood the principals behind riding these type of trail feature and rode the drops with new found confidence!

We both had a really fun day with him and he has lots to take away and develop in to his riding. If you would like any info on this or any of our other courses drop us an e-mail on the contact us page. 

 Jenny & Bob

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