Getting the rider out of Bob!

Bob got in touch with us as he has recently got in to MTB riding. He is retired and has done a lot of climbing and kayaking so is keen on the outdoors. He has got in to mountain biking kind'a by accident however he now really enjoys it and wants to get out more, hence his desire to develop his skills. 

We put together a program for him that would allow him to progress in nice easy stages when he feels ready. We met up in the morning and while the rain poured out of the sky we drank coffee, had a brief and also went through the M check as well as talking about bike set up as he has a Orange P7 with lovely Fox 32's on! We then went out for the session and after watching him ride for a bit I could see some area's to work on with him so we had a quick session in the field to introduce him to the ready position, using his footwork to move about the bike, pumping and cornering as well as a key one for him looking further down the trail. 


The weather was crazy as ever and we had a lovely rainbow over the castle while we rode. Luckily our area at Onegiant Leap is sheltered from the worst of the weather in a corner of the valley low down so once we got in to the woods it was actually not too bad!


I got Bob to think about how he was cornering and also looking for braking points as well as introducing him to pushing down drops rather than hanging off the back of the bike as he rolls down them. We also played about with pumping transitions too.


Even though we had a half day session he picked up a lot and now has lots to tai away and develop in to his riding before we have another session to take things further on.

Great to see him develop some confidence and also it was great fun riding with him too. Really looking forward to the next session with him!


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