Getting Rodger in the air!

Rodger got in touch with us as he wanted to develop his skills and confidence in the air and start to look at gap jumps, doubles and bigger drops. He has ben riding a while but has generally kept the bike on the ground and now wants to look at getting in the air a bit more! 

He has had some coaching before off another good instructor so I knew we had a solid base to work from however he felt that having a 1-2-1 session with us would be a good way to progress. He rides quite a lot and has started to get in to riding the uplift venues we have here in Wales like Antur Stinog as well as hitting the likes of Llandegla trail centre and lots of other trails too.

We started the session off by having a talk about what he wanted to develop and then we got out so I could have a look at his riding and see what we had to work on. His riding style was really good and he was already getting used to ‘pumping’ the trail and manualing so I introduced pushing down drops (great for keeping ‘flow’ with the trail or if you are racing) to him and also just riding off them, (a really solid way to handle bigger or steeper drops) and also developed his maunual Bunny-hops too.

With trailside video review he could see what he was actually doing live which is a great way of learning and was soon looking really solid and confident on our drop off trail. Before long we were starting to look at our bigger drops and push his confidence a bit which was great. 

Check out this clip we used for the coaching, his first run over the 1m drop:

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We then move on to jumping and I got him to first ‘soak up’ the jumps so that he can chose when he gets airborne then start to ‘Preload the transitions (pump in to them) and open out his upper body to get some hight and pretty soon he was airborne! 

Rodger has lots to take away, practice and develop in to his riding now but his new found confidence coupled with the skills we worked on should let him really take his riding to another level. Really great session with him! 


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