Getting Radney in the air! 16.10.2012


Radney has been on a couple of half day sessions with us so we have built his skills up nice and progressivly. This time we developed his ability to 'push' down drops, a skills many people forget about but one that is actually vital once you start to look at some slightly bigger drops or you just want to ride them faster out on the trail.


After a bit of a warm up in the field to 'refresh' his Pumping and Manuals we quickley went in to the Skills Area and started to develop his confidence and skills on the progressive drops we have built in there. 

Before for he knew it we were looking at 1m+ and he was really confident with his new 'skills' and confidence. Check out the slow-mo vid of him below:

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After a few runs we took the ramps off the Drops and he was fully comitted to them. He handled it all with ease and a new confidence in his abilities. To finish the session off we had a look at the bigger drops we have in the field that have steep landings and again taking it nice and progressively he was suprised when he was confidently riding the bigger one!


Had a great session with him and we finished off with a coffee and a review of the videos of him riding that we had used during the session to let him see what he was actually doing live (a great way to develop your skills) 

If you fancy developing both your skills and confidence on Drop Offs just send us a quick e-mail for more info and we can have a chat with you.


A bit from Radney too:

Hi all, I have had 2 half day bespoke sessions with Bob probably a couple of months apart. I've been riding flat xc stuff for a couple of years but trail centre stuff is newish to me and so are full sus bikes. I was/am in the category of all the gear no idea.I really enjoy riding and was bought the sessions as a gift. The first session consisted of the basics in which learned to Manual and bunny hop and cornering. All of which helped my riding when I went back onto the trail. 

The second session consisted of drops and an intro to jumps. I have learned soooo much from this session and feel it will take my riding to another level. 

With regards to the set up I can't speak highly enough about the level of professionalism and knowledge that Campbell coaching displays. Bob was my coach for both sessions and I was nothing but impressed with the whole thing. I can thoroughly recommend the bespoke session and am thinking of taking some friends on a group day aswell. All in all an awesome experience. Radney

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