GET A Fix REC First Aid course Gloucester Collage

Just back from a couple of days down in Gloucester running a REC First Aid course for Get A Fix for some of the collage staff who take the students out for outdoor activities. 

Colin, Ash, Rich & Chris all got really involved in the two day course and also brought their experience in to the mix too. Hopefully they will never need to use the skills they now have but they have a greater confidence to deal with incidents and accidents now.

Nice bit of bandaging from Colin!

We looked at quite a few different senarios MTB, paddling, climbing and the common injuries people get in the outdoors as well as common medical conditions too. MTB helmets off or on then?

The guys all passed the course and had a great couple of days with them. If you're interested in booking on a First Aid course either for work or just because you want to have some knowledge for when your out with your mates or family check out the Get A Fix site here, just click on the logo!


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