Fun day at Foel Gasnach

So you know those days when you look at the weather and think its crap I will stay in today, well it's been like that for a while now so we decided to take a trip to Foel Gasnach for a spot of DHing today with Jen, Jon and Super ' T ' from next door. 

IMG 0943


Foel is an ace place, kind's quiet most days and with four tracks and easy uplift it's a fun spot to ride. The trails were not a wet as we thought it would be and actually considering the weather it was pretty fine riding.

IMG 0947

My Blindside was not going to stay like this for long! We used Jen & Jon's van for uplift with the usual push up to the start of the tracks.


The tracks were running really well and we got quite a few runs in and checked out some of the new features up there before a lunch of leftover Christmas porkpie! 

Still wet but refuelled and with fresh gloves, always a good moral booster! we set off again for some more runs, Super ' T ' lived up to his nickname and hit the new 'kicker' there. We had a few crashes as usual and a bit of maintenance trailside was needed every now and then but a fun afternoon ensued. 

Ally, Tom and Jon check out the stream 'gap' on the new track before having a go.


Tired and wet we and with the late afternoon light fading we decided to call it a day and head home.

The all too familiar  'wash down' was our last job of the day

ironically as we got home the delivery guy turned up with our new Wetscream tyres courtesy of Maxxis, sure we will get to use them soon! (cheers guys!)

Really great day riding with everyone when we could have all too easily have called it off due to the weather, yet again! 

Sat in front of a warm fire eating roast chestnuts now, brill end to a really good day!

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