First Ride Bob's new Blindside

Got my shiny new Transition Blindside out today after a build be Sam & Dave at Tweeks Cycles (Cheers guys!)  Had a Bottlerocket last year and really enjoyed it but when I rode a Demo Blindside I was smiling like a fool! It's such a fun bike to ride, the super playful geometry lets you pop off the smallest of trail features and as we ride Onegiant Leap lots it had to handle the steep stuff really well and this bike defiantly does it!

While its a 'fun' bike when things get a bit tougher or bigger the Blindside does not back down, it feels like a full on DH bike and it's confidence inspiring 'feel' let you really push your riding for sure if thats what your after. With 180 forks and a big old rear shock it can take the bigger trails and features too. I am pretty much riding the bike out the box, just dropped some shiny Gold Superstar bits on there and some 203 discs again kind'a useful at Onegiant Leap! 

The Blindside can be run with a double ring up front so you can pedal it as an AM bike if you want but with the rise of all the uplift venues here in North Wales; Onegiant Leap, Revolution Bike Park, Antur Stiniog as well as all our other great gravity trails having a bigger travel bike is really a good option even if your not in to DH racing so just going to run it on a single for some fun. Only took about 2hrs to turn it from this:


In to this:


Had a really great first day on the bike. Big thanks to Sean at Surfsails Transition importers for all his help too! We still have the other Blindside demos if you want to try one out!



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