Faye & Bex 26.10.13

Bex got in touch as Faye had wanted to come on one of our courses for a while, so they booked a Jumps and Drops Course.

P1120719 P1120720

Bex has only just got into MTB and has got the bug for it, Faye has done for a while but after some big stacks her confidence had gone, so they wanted to build their confidence up and make sure their 'core skills' for jumping and drops were solid.

P1120730 P1120731

 So we started off looked at moving around the bike, breaking, pumping and manualing. Making sections easy by breaking it down to entry section exit  to be able to read the trail ahead easily. I also used lots of i pad video feedback to help them understand what they where doing through out the day.


 After Lunch we looked at the video's I took of Faye and Bex riding in more detail. Then we went into the woods to put the skills onto the trails. I went through different ways of going over drops and jumps and analysed there riding with the camera and iPad.


Great day was had with Faye and Bex's confidence and skills shining through.


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