Easter Core Skills OGL 4/4/15

Steph and Fiona joined up on a Core Skills Course at Onegiant Leap in North Wales over the Easter WE. Steph rides quite a bit and also write routs for MBR Magazine so she has a good base of skills. Fiona has just got the mtb 'bug' but what she lacks in experience she makes up for with enthusiasm! After a quick chat about what they both wanted to get out of the session we were out on the bikes. Watching them ride we could spot a few thing to work on with them, Fiona was looking down really close to her bike while riding feature and Steph needed to drop her heels a touch more to really start to 'drive' the bike.  

Bulding up their skills as we progressed through the day was really good fun and they picked up the key point really quickly, opening out their elbows a bit more, looking down the trail to where they wanted to end up and dropping the outer foot on the corners soon all came with a bit of concentration!

They also started to play about with pumping and manuals and we showed them a selection of ways to ride drops too, rather than just hoping for the best! 

IMG 1075

We also looked at riding on steeper ground too.

IMG 1074

Had a fantastic day with them both and hopefully see them out on the trails soon! 

Ally & Bob 

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