DH Skills Course 30.10.13


William won one of our 1/2 day skills vouchers as he came first in his category at the Antur Stiniog Downhill race this year. His Dad got in touch with us to arrange the session and also booked a full days DH race session with us for William and his brother James.


So William (aged 13) and James (aged 15) came up from Raglan. They have never had any coaching but they wanted to develop their DH race skills, track reading and race prep. Both lads have been racing quite a bit and have been regularly getting on the podium, but they wanted to get some focus in to their training. So we first checked their 'core skills' needed for any style of riding but especially key for DH riding. We 'tweaked' a few things for them using i pad video feedback. 

P1120771 P1120772  

After lunch we got out from our skills area and went onto the DH trails at Onegiant Leap and started to put everything into practise on the tracks.

P1120779 P1120780 

We looked at riding the trail features in different ways and how to gain speed from them plus how to use trail features to 'scrub' speed rather than just braking, as well as looking at different ways to ride sections depending on the weather and trail conditions. 

P1120788 2 P1120783 

 Great day with the boys developing really well and having plenty to take away and work on too. Keep up the Podiums!


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