Developing Andy's 'Skills'

Andy got in touch with us wanting to develop his riding skills a bit further. He lives over in Bangor and has been riding for a few years. He rides lots of natural trails as well as the odd bit of trail centre stuff and an uplift day every now and then too. 

He wanted to take his drop off skills further, have a look at jumping and also really get to grips with good covering technique so we put together a 'bespoke' full day session for him at our private Skills Area in Llangollen. 

We started the day with a brief and a chat about what we were going to cover and after a quick bike check we were out for the day. To start with we assessed his skills and polished a few things up like his body position, braking and ability to move about the bike.

Pumping and manuals were next followed by Bunny-hops. Andy has some solid core skills to work form and he grasped everything really well as we progressed through the session. We popped back to Onegiant Leap for a spot of lunch and also to review the videos from the morning session. 

After lunch we had a warm up session and then got in to cornering and carrying energy though the corners with good body position, looking and keeping off the brakes most of the time. 

Then we were looking at drop offs and we introduced him to pushing 'down' drops rather than just hulking off them all the time! ! Then we had a go a manualing off the drop and finally just riding off it with a bit more speed. 

Once we had built his skills up it was time to push his confidence so we looked at some of the 1m+ drops we have. 

After a few runs he had them nailed and was really enjoying them and had a good few runs down them to get really confident with his new found skills. 

We had a touch of snow in the afternoon however the Skills Area is pretty sheltered tucked away at the bottom of the tracks at Onegiant Leap and so we could carry on with no real problems. 

We had a good session on the jumps getting him to soak up the transitions before pumping them and starting to get some good confident runs over our jumps.

We finished off the session with a couple of runs down our steeper track with some challenging 'fall line' corners he put all the cornering skills we had looked at in to practice and did really well.

Had a great day with him and we will hopefully see Andy out on the trails soon!


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