David's Birthday session! 

David's girlfriend got in touch with us as she whited to get him a Birthday voucher so we quickly got her sorted out and then got him all sorted out with a 'bespoke' coaching session. Dave is an experienced riders with good skills however he wanted to get some coaching on drops and Jumps as well as just have a check of his all round skills. 

After a quick chat over coffee in Afan Lodge we were soon out on the bikes and looking at his riding. With lots of experience out on the trails we had quite a fast progression through the different elements of the day and using the i pad for direct feedback also helped him 'see' how he was riding. 

We picked up a couple of little things that will help him ride smother. We could see he was not using his footwork as efficiently as he could do and was also looking down (like most people) more than he should. 

After a bit of time on the flat we got him on to our sections of trails and progressed his drop off skills looking at different ways of riding drops.

Dave had never been taught how to just and had just picked it up as he want along and from what 'mates' told him so he had never really got to gripes with the basics of it. So we had a really chilled out progressive session looking at pumping through the transitions rather that just using 'speed' on our coaching  jump line and he was amazed that after a few run's we were talking to him about having a go on the doubles. 

After a couple of runs again backed up with the video from the i pad he was confidently and smoothly flowing down the jumps and taking the doubles in his stride!  

We had a really great day with him and while he has a few polishing bits to add in to his riding they will make a huge difference out on the trails. We're looking forward to seeing him out on the trails in a couple of months to see how he is getting on! 


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