Daisy Chain MTB Event 10.5.2014

We were contacted by the event organisers Bonna and John Lloyd, asking if we'ed come along and run a couple of taster coaching sessions for their Ladies MTB Event in Builth Wells this WE, so me and Jen headed up. On the first session we had Nicky, Clare, Laura and Freya who were all great fun and we covered the ready position, cone of movement, efficient braking, pumping and cornering too. They all did really well and picked it all up really quick. 

IMG 4105 IMG 4108

Unfortunately we had to cancel the second session due to the weather, the wind was that strong it blew down the main event tent and nearly got couple of others. Real shame as it was a really good event. Looking forward to going again next time and catching up with the other industry people who where there: Scott, Fibrax, Trail 42 to name a few.


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