CTC Trail Leader Course

Had a great WE with a bunch of riders who were looking to develop their MTB leadership skills running a CTC Trail Leader course for them. Based at Blazing Bikes with access to some great riding on the picturesque Shropshire hills trails. The WE course focused on developing all the aspects of good MTB Leadership.

Friday night we were straight in to it and ran thought some of the theory part of the course that covers MTB operating procedures, the Trail Leader remit, Risk Assessments and a quick look at what equipment we should carry. Saturday we started off looking a equipment checks, games and skills sessions. 

before looking at how to lead groups on the road,


We then got up in the the hills to put everything in to practice and also develop key leadership skills and enjoy the fantastic views and trails:

Saturday evening we had a look at trailside maintenance, navigation and they also planned their legs of the assessment ride on Sunday before another great dinner in the Station Inn pub!

Sunday we rode the same route with the guys leading sections and having to deal with incidents and also mechanical issues.

After another great ride and some really good examples of leadership and also confident handling of the incidents we have another Five CTC Trail Leaders out there inspiring and empowering riders to get out there on bikes, congratulations guys! Big thanks to Richard and the Blazing Bikes crew and everyone in the Station Inn for their help over the WE, top job!


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