CTC Trail Inspection course for the Forestry Commission

Been down in Haldon Forest Devon running a CTC trail inspection course for Forestry Commission and National Trust staff who will be inspecting MTB and other trails down there.

This course is designed to qualify staff to inspect and report on MTB trails. This is an important part of any trail system and allows for the prioritising of maintiance programs ands resources as well as giving volunteer 'dig days' a list of jobs to be done. While FC staff who are involved with trail inspections come on this course it would also be really useful for volunteers and owners of private trails too as it comprises current 'best practice' in MTB trail inspection.

The day started off with a bit a a classroom session looking at why and how to do trail inspections as well as how to record them. We also looked at what trails should look like as well as the user groups we would expect to find on them. 

We then went out to look at different trail features and structures and how to inspect them. After lunch we were out on the trails doing some inspections on short sections of trails so they could see how it all fitted together.

Had a great day with everyone and they all put a lot back in to the course too.

Cheers guys, happy inspecting!


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