CTC Maintianece courses at Dalby Bike Barn

Had a good WE over at Dalby Bike Barn running some maintenance courses for the CTC. First up on Saturday was a Trailside Maintenance course, looking at all the common traiside / roadside issues you get with bikes like punctures, broken chains and adjustments as well as also looking at ‘quick fixes’ to get you home or back to the car park!

For the people who stayed on for Sundays Fleet Management course we looked at more advanced maintenance, replacing drivetrains, BB, cables, spokes and lots of other routine bits on bikes that wear our or get broken as well as correct procedures and paperwork if you are looking after fleets of bikes.Had a really great WE with everyone on both the courses and they all got stuck in and had a go at lots of bits they did not have the confidence to do before which is great!

Also big THANK’s to the FC rangers and staff at Dalby Bike Barn for making us so welcome too, great food and super friendly and helpful staff too!

If you fancy booking on to a Maintenance course check out the course info on the CTC website HERE

Had a great WE, cheers everybody!


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