Open Core Skills 11.5.14

On Sunday we had Gareth, Lee, Paul, James and Angela from Swansea, Newport and Cardiff come along for a Core Skills course to improve their riding. After 'whizzing' through some key skills like positioning on the bike and braking, we moved onto berms. We emphasized the importance of getting your outside foot down and weighted as well as looking through to the exit of the corner.

Over lunch we analyzed their different riding styles on the computer with video footage from the morning session, we headed back out to the berms to put it all in to practice again and then looked at pushing down and manualing off drops.

For all these techniques, its really important to look ahead to the next high point on the trail which the guys picked up really well.

We then moved on to tackling steeper drops. We looked at building confidence and reading the trails on unfamiliar routes.

To finish off the day we looked at riding rock gardens and 'soaking up' energy on jumps with them. We both had a really fun day with everyone and they have lots to take away and develop in to their riding in their own time now. If you would like any info on this or any of our other courses drop us an e-mail on the contact us page. 

Jen & Ally

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