Coaching Peter day 1 of 2

Peter has been coached by us before, this time he wanted to go bigger and do a bit of Downhill. So Day one we planed to do drops and get more confidence on different types of drops over a metre. Day two (tomorrow) as Peter has just joined the local Downhill Club Foel Gasnach which he hasn't had a chance ride yet the plan is to go over there and show him around and put the skills learnt today into practise with Uplift too!


So Peter came to Onegiant Leap today and we went to our Skills Area after a quick warmup of pumping and manuals. We then got straight onto riding some Drop Off's, he had found he had started picking up bad habits like his feet coming off the peddles when attempting drop so after watching him do a couple of drops I could see what was going on. He popped his saddle down a wee bit and also pushed through more and it all came together. This then gave Peter a big smile and importantly confidence and before lunch he was happily going off the bigger drops in the woods with style!


 The sun was blazing down after lunch and we popped into the field where the steep drop are and I soon had Peter going off them. Then we headed into the woods to ride the steeper sections practising for tomorrows fun!



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