Chloe & Darrens Alps skills 10.11.12

Darren got in touch with us to look at putting together a private course for him and his daughter Chloe. They both ride road, MTB and just generally like being on their bikes! 

They have been out to the Alps and wanted to develop their skills a bit further so than they can fully enjoy another trip to the mountains next year. Our site at Onegiant Leap in Llangollen is ideal for this with the steeper and exposed going we have available. 

We started the session looking at their 'Core Skills' and developing good footwork, manuals and also bunny Hops as well as refining their braking skills. 

We also introduced them to 'pushing down' drops as well as pushing off the, a really useful skills that a lot of riders forget about!


After checking out the videos of them riding over lunch we went in to the woods to put it all in to practice on some real bits of trail.


We looked at cornering on steeper ground and also riding Berms & carrying momentum out of the corners.

We also rode the drops again looking at pushing down as well as getting air off them. 


We took things a stage further and had a play on our steeper corners we have made that take you over the 'fall line' so are very typical of Alpine trails.


They both did really well and picked it all up really well. We dropped back down to the farm as the light faded and again checked out the vids over a bit of cake! They both have lots to take away and play with as they incorperate some new skills in to their riding.

Had a really good day with both of the and really interested in seeing how they progress over the winter.



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