Chaz & Andys Bespoke Course 26.08.13

Chaz and Andy have only just got into mountain biking and had been on a core skills course just before xmas, Chaz got in contact with us after her friend recommending us as she'd been on a course with us a couple of years ago, as they where getting really into riding and wanted to push their ability and learn more.

So they came along from Manchester for a long weekend, first I set up their suspension on their bikes whilst showing them how to do it, and explained what the dials do on their forks and rear shock.

Then we headed out and recapped the 'core skills' needed for Jumps and Drops.


Then we took it to the trails before going in for lunch and more video feedback.


After we went back into the woods and carried on with progressing their skills and confidence on different types of drops.


They both achieved lots and rode all the trail sections with confidence, control and style which they would normally avoid.

Great help from Jen who came along to do the demo's for me.


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