Chantelle's Bespoke J&D's Course 24.6.14

Chantelle was bought one of our Vouchers by her partner, so she got in touch to arrange a date and we spoke to her to find out what she wanted out of the course. So we arranged a Bespoke Jumps and Drops course for her and as Chantelle is living in Disbury we ran the course at Onegiant Leap Llangollen.

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We ran through the basics very quickly to make sure everything was in place, we then moved onto Pumping, manuals and different ways of riding small drops, all the time we analised Chantelles riding with video feedback, after Lunch we headed into the skills area to put every into practise and to develop her skills and confidence even more.


We looked at different way of riding Jumps from soaking up to pumping and clearing them.

Chantelle came on very quickly as we looked at flat and steep landing drops and was soon hitting bigger drops than she had done before and then got all the drops in the skills area nailed.

Great day was had smiles all round, 


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