Calvin's CPD 1/2 day session 17.5.14

I was contacted by Calvin who is local to the Afan trails and while a skilled rider wanted develop a better understanding of what he was doing and how to break down the skills. Calvin also is heading up a project to develop a four wheeled MTB bike for disabled and abled body riders. He also guides, coaches and chases down behind the riders making sure everything runs smoothly so we were working from a good solid base of so I booked him in for a half day session to go through the Core skills, Jumps and Drops with him.

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First off we looked at his riding positions and made sure he was keeping his weight in the 'pocket' on the bike as well as developing his pumping, speed control and manuals. Calvin picked it up really quickly and using the i pad I gave him direct feedback to enable him to see the little changes we were making develop his riding.  The project he is working on 'Project ENDURO' is really interesting and it's supported by the Welsh Government through European Regional Development Funding with an aim to design and manufacture a prototype four wheeled mountain bike predominantly for use by disabled people. Project ENDURO is managed by Calvin who works at Gower College Swansea in collaboration with Swansea Metropolitan University. Check out their website, click on the logo:

Had a really great day with him and look forward to getting out on the trial with him in the future too!


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