'Boys' weekend away. 26.7.14

Richard, Will, Andrew and Dave are all good mates from around Shropshire who get away once a month for a MTB weekend away together. They have all been riding for quite a bit and ride everything from trail centers to natural trails in the hills and also like to get out and explore unknown trails too.

Three of the guys got Campbell Coaching vouchers for Christmas and so we got them sorted out with a 'bespoke' session at our North Wales venue, Onegiant Leap near Llangollen. The guys all gave us the areas of their riding they wanted to develop further and we put together a full day of progressive skills coaching for them.

After a quick brief we got out and started to look at their riding, getting them comfortable moving about the bike and keeping their weight ‘in the pocket‘ as well as being more efficient with their braking started the day off. We then introduced them to pumping and manuals and it was not long before they had stopped pulling up on the bike and were really getting their weight over the rear of the bike and doing some really smooth manuals.

IMG 0245

We ran through the rules of cornering before popping back to OGL base on the farm for lunch and also to review the i pad footage we had used while coaching them again. After lunch we looked at different ways or riding drops, out in the field first then in the woods:

IMG 0232
IMG 0220

We had a great afternoon in the woods and the guys all did really well on a super hot and humid day, we finished the session off with a look at how to 'soak up' jumps as well as actually getting some air time too!

IMG 0218

Had a really good day with the guys who disappeared off in to Chester for a well earned curry ‘N’ pint before they went off to explore the Berwyn’s on Sunday.  

They now have lots of new skills to take out and develop further so hopefully see them out on the trails soon too!

Ally & Bob

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