Bit of trail digging today!

We had a day in the woods digging a new section of trial, an extension to our current corners section. Tom came down and gave us a hand too and between us all it only took a few hrs to put in the 30m of trail. Weather was surprisingly warm and actually not raining in our sheltered spot in the valley.

Ally and Tom started to build the final berm first while I went and started on the top one. we had the rough line raked out before so we went from this:

To this:

In a couple of hrs! The ground is really good and building is relatively ease. This is the small berm that Ally and Tom are clearing in the first picture.

The bottom section joining back on to the ride / push up track to the start. 

Nice flowy section to get people thinking about their cornering skills before we take them on to the steeper sections. Tom and Ally spotted a transfer in to it from the big berm too, hmm? More exciting sections to add over the winter too.

Top day digging!


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