Bespoke Skills Course 28.5.14

Today we had Yasmin from Manchester on a Core skills refresher and downhill course. Yasmin usual rides are Coed Llandegla and Coed Y Brenin trail centres but she also likes more natural trails too. We started the day off with a quick bike check as she’d been on our Home Mechanics course the previous day, before heading to our ‘private’ skills area.

To begin with we went over positioning on the bike, cone of movement and pumping to help improve ‘flow’ whilst she is out on the trails. When Yasmin began to get the hang of pumping we moved on to manualing and before long we were on the drop offs, using pushing down techniques and manualing off them. 

Yasmin quickly took to manualing the drop offs, so we headed to another section of trail in the woods where she could put her new skills to practice on more flowing trails. We then tackled cornering and steeper corners before heading in for lunch.

After lunch we went back to the woods for a warm up session on the drop off line again before a few uplift runs down the downhill tracks at Onegiant Leap to put it all together. Yasmin is also heading out to the Alps soon so this bespoke course will be great preparation for her. 

On our first run down we took it nice and steady and session’d some of the steeper corners. We built up the ‘flow’ on the next two runs down. Yasmin handled the bike really well over drop offs and through the steep corners and I don’t doubt she’ll have an amazing time riding in the Alps this summer. 


I had a really fun day with her and he has lots to take away and develop in to her riding. If you would like any info on this or any of our other courses drop us an e-mail on the contact us page. 


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