Bespoke Group Session 31.5.14

On Saturday morning we headed over to Afan lodge to meet Jo, Elin and Jono for a Bespoke Core skills course. We started off with a basic bike check to make sure all the bikes were in good working order, something its good to get into the habit of before heading out onto the trails.

We got the group warmed up by going over positioning on the bike the cone of movement. We then moved on to pumping to help improve ‘flow’ whilst on the trail. Our group of three all had different riding abilities so we gave them different tasks to focus on whilst practicing pumping. We got Jo and Elin in to practice pumping on the spot to get the correct movement before getting them to try unweighting the front wheel over some features and then to give them a bit of rolling momentum, got them on to our ‘rollers’, similar to how you’d ride a pump track. Jono took to pumping quickly so we got perfecting manuals.


After that we moved onto basic cornering on the flat before heading in for lunch and back out again to the berms. Emphasizing dropping the outside foot and looking ahead. We used the iPad to slow down and analyze their footwork and body position. 


When the group had a good grasp of berms we headed over to the drop line. We walked the track first to let the group discuss how they’d handle the drops. So we started off ‘pushing down’ over the drops, this is a good technique if your not able to or don’t want to manual the drops. E.g. if theres a tight berm or feature afterwards that wouldn’t allow you to manual. Jo and Elin practiced the push down technique and we moved Jono onto manualing the drops. We finished off drops by looking at a steeper drop, Jo took one for the girls and pushed down over the steep drop with confidence and ease.


We finished the day off on the jump line. We started off walking the track again so the group could get a feel of the jumps. Then we rode the jumps by ‘soaking’ them up. This allows you to keep both wheels on the ground and carry speed through the jump line. Elin doesn’t usually ride the jump lines when her and her friends are our riding but had a go at ‘soaking up’ and now has more confidence. Jo and Jono moved onto pumping on the jump transitions, creating energy on jumps and getting some air time. 


The group were all at different levels but we managed to keep them all going at their own level.

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