Bespoke Foundations Skills 7 day Session August 2014

 Batmadevi contacted us from Mauritius saying she'd excitedly just learnt to ride a bike in her fifties and she wanted to get to grips with riding a bit more ‘off’ road and develop her knowledge of MTB and could we help? So we put together a 7 day program together for her so she could visit South Wales and develop her skills and knowledge. She jumped on a plane and flew over. Based out of Afan lodge hotel we ran each day with a coaching session in the morning and a afternoon ride so she could get to see the amazing trails and landscape in South Wales. Mauritius is not know for it’s hill or mountains so the landscape was a real change for her.  


Batmidevi little riding experience had been from riding a fully ridged single-speed bike and was used to sitting down all the time so we started off by introducing her to modern bikes, suspension, gears and disc brakes before moving on to her riding skills. 

We started getting her confident using the gears and brakes on our first outings out on the Rookie trail in Afan Valley  standing up on the bike and moving about a bit more. 

We developed her riding using the Blue Scar and Penhydd trails as well as managing to fit in  an afternoon ride along Swansea Bay for an ice cream obviously too! 


We also covered essential home maintenance so she can start to look after her bike and take care of any trailside issues too.



We covered all the key skills required for her to continue her riding over the week and it was great to see her skills and confidence  develop over the week on the amazing Afan trails!


We had a great week with her and she has now returned to Mauritius to continue with her riding with new found confidence and hopefully to inspire more people to get on bikes there too. Looking forward to seeing how she get on in the future. 


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