Bespoke Course For Jim


Jim came over from Nottingham for a bespoke skills course as he wanted to develop his Cornering, Drop Off’s, Table tops as well as having a check of his overall riding.

It was really enjoyable to see his riding skills start to change and his enjoyment as he started to feel the smooth manual’s rather than the aggressive and forceful lifting and pulling that people often use.

Jim also wanted to sort out his corning as out in the Alps brakes often over heat due to over use, so after coaching Jim on the berms in our skills area he got the flow and could carry speed out of the berms.


Throughout the day I videoed Jim’s riding and analysed his riding with him so he could see what he was doing and then make subtle changes.

At the end of the day Jim had got the hang of what he needs to take away and practise to take his riding further plus he really got the feel of what to do when jumping after getting some nice air before we headed back for more video feedback, Coffee and well earned cake.


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