Bespoke Advanced Skills Course 07.07.13

Julie and Caroline contacted me wanting do another course after the Ladies Only Jumps and Drops course they had been on two months ago. So we emailed each other to come up with a program to progress there riding on to another level again. 

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So we arranged a Bespoke Advanced Skills Course covering a little bit from the last course as a warmup to make sure they were still developing the skills they learnt. 


Then we got into the other skills like advanced braking to a. reduce the amount done and b. doing it more efficiently. Then we looked at technical climbing/descending, riding switch foot on trail sections & features, riding steeper berms and off camber cornering, better 'flow' Pumping trail features, manuals up and down features, bunny hops, hopping bike around, also Julie wanted to improve her confidence on some bigger drops.

P1110685 P1110690

Through the day I used the iPad and camera to film Julie and Caroline's riding to analysis it with them so they could see what they needed to do next. At lunch time we went through the videos again and then looked at some demos before heading back out to the trails.


Had a great day with them both and  Julie and Caroline now have a greater understanding of their individual riding skills so that they can go away and practise and improve. They also went away with the four key psychological elements that are really key to riding and progressing: Commitment, Confidence, Control and Concentration.


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