Bespoke 2 day Skills Course 5-6.3.14

Kate and Ed got married last year and some friends of theirs from Norway got them a WE of coaching and riding from us. They have been busy moving house and working like we have and so it has taken a while to get them booked in however we managed to catch up with them this WE. They were booked in to Afan Lodge for the WE with makes a great base for the Afan Forest Park trail network and After a quick brief and chat in the Lodge we were quickley out on the Skills Area to develop their ‘Core Skills’ we introduced them to moving about the bike more, efficent breaking, pumping and manuals. After a wicked lunch we had a look at conering and drop offs before riding the 14km Red graded Penhydd trail just 5min away to put all the skills in to practice on some real trail sections before chilling out in the bar at the Lodge in the evening.

On the Sunday we had a quick warm up session in the skills area and then  then rode the 20+ km Wall trail to again develop their skills further and also have a look at some of the 'classic' South Wales trails here in the Afan valley. When we got back we also had a good look at how to set uo the bike for different types of trails and how to look after their bikes. 



too soon the WE was over and they packed up their car to travel back to Dartmoor to apply their new knowledge and skills to their local trails before their riding trip to Moab in May! 


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