Andy and Mark’s Bespoke session 14/4/17

Andy and Mark are pretty experienced riders already with regular trips to Bike Park Wales and Revolution Bike Park as well as lots of other riding around the UK.

However they wanted to get a bit more knowledge and to develop their skills and confidence further so Andy booked a ‘bespoke’ coaching session with us up at Onegiant Leap in Llangollen for Mark birthday. 

We stared with looking at their body positions and moving around the bike before progressing on to pumping, manuals and bunny hops. they both picked it all up really well and we had a really fun session with them. Soon they were both getting some nice floaty manuals and bunny hops. 

We then looked at the key ways to ride drops and again progressed through out range of drops until they were both stoked to be riding the 1m + wooden drops with confidence and I have to say they were looking good! 

WE covered a bit of steep ground riding before moving on to jumping which was one of the areas they wanted to know more about.

We finished off with a quick session on the steeper landings off the drops in to the field with them both getting a bit more confidence every run.

Had a really good day with both of them and they have some great skills to take on to the trails and develop further as well as some new confidence. Mark summed it up when Andy hit the bigger drop line saying “Not bad for a grandad!” Hopefully see you guys out on the trails soon. . . . . .

Bob & Ally

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