Week 19

Starting to definatly feel 'something' inside me now and it feels kinda weird like a pebble inside of me. I look up on Blogs to see what other women are doing and get a very mixed outcome, so what I took away from it is if you can already surf it’s fine  I’ve been surfing for a while now and I also ride longboard which means I can catch easier smaller waves or be out futher so not fighting for a waves. You don’t want to take a fall on the board or crash in to other poeple surfing! its the same with any activity really, don't start it when your pregnant however if you have been doing it and can make a balanced risks 'V' benefits assessment then why not keep doing it!

So if your happy that won’t happen then surf, ride, climb all you like, hell the Hawaiian girls where surfing up to 36 weeks but were obviously calming it down to catching smaller waves than normal. So my take was I would be fine if I just trusted my own instincts, skills and experience.

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