23.8.14 Ann & Andy take to the air!

Ann and Andy popped over to our North Wales site at Onegiant leap for a ‘bespoke’ session focusing on developing their riding skills and confidence further. We put together a session that included Bike set up tips, Pumping, Manuals and also really working on their Drop off skills too. The both ride quick a bit and Ann has been on one of our Ladies Gravity Camps and is also keen to try some DH racing next year while Andy is keen to try out a couple of Gravity Enduro’s for fun too. 

We started off in the field running through the skills in the open so they could explore different ways of moving about the bike and also weighting and unweighting the bike.

Pretty soon they were both manualing like pro’s and really starting to get to grips with their newly developed skills as well as being more aware of their braking habits.

We also had a quick look at developing the manual in to a ‘bunny hop‘ as a next progression. . . . 

Soon we were focused on Drop offs and we developed some different choices of how to ride them. Working with the i pad we were able to let them see in real time what they were doing   to make small adjustments and also to show them that they were actually doing it really well! 

After a well timed lunch break missing one of those amazing showers we have had this summer we got in to the woods and started to put the skills in to practice on real trail sections. Andy managed to develop his limits a bit further with new found confidence and style!

 Ann was confidently riding the biggest drops by the end of the session and was hungary for more! 


Had a really good day with them both and looking forward to the next session when we will look at moving it all on again with them.


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