1/2 Day Bespoke Course 25.10.12

Ros, Nicoles mum got in contact with us for a skills course for her as she has been racing XC and Cyclocross and is currently ranked number 1 in the Under 12's UK XC and she felt it was time to get some coaching on more technical skills. 


Nicole came along and we looked at the 'M' check before heading out to look at her riding and see where to improve her performance so I used a lot of video analysis with Nicole as we developed each skill. We looked at ready position, cone of movement, efficient breaking, pumping, cornering and pushing down drops as well as getting air off drops too. Soon we were in the Skills Area putting everything into practise on the trails and we also looked at different line choices for racing.  


Really Great day with a talented rider who had a great future. Good luck :)


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