Finbar Campbell

Meet Fin he’s our 2 year old and luckily he has fitted right into our adventurist lifestyle (no brainwashing needed!) We hope to inspire people to get out and enjoy the outdoors and just do stuff with wee ones:      

IMG_0068IMG 8592IMG_0066

Our latest trip to Finale Ligure, Italy:      

Adventure touring in Norway:

IMG 3092

Getting out onto our local trails in the winter: 

IMG 0067

To just getting out after he was born taking it easy, to holidaying in Livigno, Italy at 10 months:

Riding whilst Pregnant (7 days before Fin made his arrival):

Also getting out exploring and doing activities that aren’t biking:

IMG 8303IMG 6297

We’re lucky to have the ability and confidence to get out and do amazing things with Fin and we keep learning more each time we go out, we’re more than happy to talk about the adventures and answers questions.

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