Bob Campbell


Bob has a calm analytical ability to spot exactly what youare doing and then help you to progress your skills. He has over 3000+hrs ‘MTB skills’ coaching experience behind him. His fun but professional style will put you at ease whether we are pushing you that little bit further, developing your confidence or introducing you to mountain biking for the first time.

Bob has spent most of his lifetime travelling around the world, working, competing and coaching people in the outdoors. As a former World Kayak Champion he also has a unique ‘inside’ depth of knowledge of competitive sports and training.

This lifetime of paddling, mountain biking, mountaineering have given him a wealth of experience while travelling to places such as Norway, North & South America, Europe and Asia have given him a global cultural perspective. This has all combined to build Bob’s insight into the essential skills that underpin a great instructor. 

Biking Qualifications:   

CTC Skills Instructor                                            CTC Skills Instructor Tutor

CTC Jumps N Drops Instructor                             CTC Jumps N Drops Instructor Tutor

CTC Trail Leader                                                  CTC Trail Leader Trainer               

CTC Technical Trail Leader                                   CTC Technical Trail Leader Trainer  

CTC Urban Skills Instructor                                  CTC Urban Skills Tutor

Cycling Scotland Go MTB Instructor                      Cycling Scotland Go MTB Instructor Trainer                           

National Standards Bikeability Instructor               CTC Bike Maintenance Instructor & Tutor

REC Advanced First Aider & Tutor                         Trail Designer, Builder and Consultant

He is now working for the Welsh Government, National Resources Wales as their Mountain Bike Manager for South Wales so he also has a lot of trail knowledge you can question him about.


I won't be without:


For all my riding kit and protection. Riding gear by Sweet Protection is new but they have it dialled.

        Escapist 25 ltr I use for coaching and guiding.

Zealot 16 ltr Is great bag for carting around pads and DH helmet when pushing up with DH bike and for my owe riding when I'm a bit more exposed.

Viper 5 ltr  for the days I really don't want to carry much!

Made in the UK keeps cleans the crap of your bike and it's good for nature as well.

Made in Wales and do a great range of brake pads, cables and components to keep your bike running smooth.

 Fuel for champions.

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