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Campbell Coaching philosophy is simple, we try to keep things really progressive and smooth. (You will learn more that way!) Our courses are very relaxed but still professional and we will assess your skills fully before we start to develop your riding with you. They are also split in to key sessions with Video analysis, so you get an idea what we will focus on, however if you are after something a bit different just let us know.

Why do we do it this way? Well over the past 15 years we have both learnt a thing or two about riding bikes. From Downhilling, Playing on Pump Tracks, Jumping, XC, Endurance Racing (Mega Avalanche and Maxi Avalanche)  UK Gravity Enduro and coaching with the Atherton’s. 

Also over 25 years of being in the outdoors, kayaking, biking, surfing, looking after each other and our friends and more recently we have focused on coaching others. This progressive approach seams to work really well.

We think you might just be interested in shortcutting some of the mistakes we made, bones we broke and kit we bent or lost!

We run this company as a means of facilitating ‘our lifestyle’ not the other way around so if the riding is good, the surf is up and the weather is good we might just be away for a day. But don’t worry just because we don’t respond to your call or e-mail a couple of seconds after you have sent it, we’re not ignoring you and yes you’re important to us and we WILL get back to you as quickly as we can.

As Campbell Coaching has progressed we also have some of the most highly qualified and experienced CTC Skills & Jumps and Drops Instructors male and female in the UK, so you are guaranteed the very best coaching from us no matter who you are or what level you are at.


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 CTC courses and qualifications

CTC have provided courses and qualifications for many years. Incorporating OTC Training's course portfolio in 2008 exemplified CTC's commitment to cycling education. We are continuing to extend our provision in line with demand and the needs of users, partner organisations and industry. The wide range of national courses provided by CTC includes:

Safe working practises ensuring safe use of cycles and mountain bikes for employees and the public, including trail checking and first aid. - National Mountain Bike Leader Awards; qualification for those leading groups. - Rider skill awards; participant reward schemes provided by qualifiedleaders and instructor. - Maintenance courses; for individuals, groups and those managing fleets of bikes. - Cycle Instructorfor those providing cycle training and Bikeability. - Bikeabilityroad riding skills and proficiency.

 Trail Design & Building;

If you need help with a trail building project we partner up with Arran Cartwright and Cartwright Associates. Using our experience in funding, designing, project managing and building trails we can assist you all the way from conception through to final build. Using our coaching experience we can provide an insight few others in the trail building industry can obtain. From large national projects to local community track and trails we have bespoke solutions for you. 


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